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Business Analytics:

Enhanced data driven insights with GrayMatter expertise delivered on Pentaho BI platform successfully worldwide.

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Big Data:

A simple, structured & scalable approach cutting across all the Big Data jazz with multiple use cases across relevant industries.

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Data Integration:

Is key to unlocking the value of data and data discovery. The same has been proved with over 100+ Pentaho implementations.

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Migration Services:

Our Pentaho migration projects ensured ‘zero’ downtime for reporting users and were unaware of the underlying platform changes.

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Embed Pentaho (OEM):

Integration with third party apps such as Liferay, Alfresco, Drupal & non-java apps including custom plug-ins & Google maps integration.

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Production Support:

End-to-end comprehensive support allowing clients to focus on design & development thereby ensuring productivity and faster ROI.

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Our Pentaho journey started in the year 2006 coinciding with the birth of both GrayMatter and Pentaho around the same time. Today both Pentaho & GrayMatter bring a cutting-edge to the BI, Analytics & Big Data space, albeit in different forms with one showcasing the strengths of a Platform and the other showcasing the strength of solution engineering using that platform!

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GrayMatter's vast experience in BI & analytics implementation across industries & geographies is the ideal foil to the flexible Pentaho business analytics platform. We are simply the best in the world when it comes to customizing, integrating and embedding on Pentaho the BI solution required or desired for a business model or industry type. Here is a brief snapshot of our work across industries worldwide.

Few Customer Names: AIA Bhd.Malaysia, Sircon (US) now Vertfore, Dun & Bradstreet

Key Analytics focus: Data security is key for the financial services industry especially in Banking & Insurance sector. Detecting and preventing fraud is another focus of this industry. Customer analytics, marketing analytics, portfolio, credit risk, fraud & risk analytics, pricing models, demand forecasting, cross and up sell models, churn modelling, loyalty & claims analytics are some key focus areas for this industry.

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Few Customer Names: : Times Internet (Bennett, Coleman Group), InfoNow (US)

Key Analytics focus: The online digital onslaught came upon the media & entertainment industry suddenly and hence the biggest challenge just became worse. That is the pressures as well as opportunities presented by distribution and consumption of digital content. Key would be monitoring consumption patterns and evolving constantly would involve very complex big data analytics play which very few would be able to deliver. Demand signaling, sentiment analysis, targeted advertising analytics, customer acquisition are other key focus areas.

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Few Customer Names: : Schneider Electric, CGI India

Key Analytics focus: Constantly increasing pressures on margin, global supply-chain evolution, lack of critical workforce, customer loyalty, pricing mechanism and product design based on what the customer really needs for today and the future are the main challenges faced by today’s evolved manufacturing sector. Business intelligence coupled with advanced analytics and predictive modelling is the proven answer for this industry. Focus being Supply-chain, logistics and inventory management, demand forecasting and SKU rationalisation, process and quality analysis, engineering analytics, predictive maintenance.

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Few Customer Names: Clarks(US) , Myntra, Specsavers (UK & Australia), Goldilocks (Philipinnes), BPCL

Key Analytics focus: In the retail industry today consumer behaviour understanding using analytics to drive loyalty and customer engagement is pivotal. Some of the analytics focus areas in Retail are as follows merchandising analytics, customer analytics, churn analytics, inventory management, supply-chain optimisation, sales performance analysis, market mix modeling, CRM analytics, fraud detection and prevention.

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Few Customer Names: Nathalin (Thailand), Menzies Aviation, AAA(US), TIMCO Aviation

Key Analytics focus: Some of the concern areas tackled through analytics by GrayMatter for transportation and logistics industry are supply chain planning, warehouse optimization, routes optimization and operational efficiencies. For Airports the consolidation of data across multiple stakeholders across airside, terminal, aero and non-aero is so important today due information stored in complete isolation among multiple entities.

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Few Customer Names: Telecom Malaysia, Viom Networks, Mobitel (SL)

Key Analytics focus: Cell site optimization, revenue assurance, customer profitability analysis, network dynamics, congestion control and social network analysis, customer satisfaction and attracting new subscribers have been addressed by GrayMatter team earlier. The telecom sector is using analytics to protect customers from churn with clinical marketing programs for identified customers besides network security management. Other analytics focus include fraud prevention, campaign management, churn prevention & pricing models.

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Few Customer Names: CHR (Philippines), UIDAI (India), Praxis (South Africa), London Borough of Camden

Key Analytics focus: Depending on the size, demographics and stage of development Government’s world over have varying pain areas and use cases to contend with. While planning, census monitoring, homeland security, fraud detection and health care management are areas that can be enhanced with the help of big data analytics, at GrayMatter we have already achieved some of these outcomes for varying government agencies globally.

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